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There are thousands of kids roaming the Internet trying their luck with various games, including Pool Checkers.
And of course they are looking for books and sites to help them excel - not finding such they move on to other games.
This site is intended to give that immediate boost they wish for, with just a few lessons they will be able to beat their dads and friends in no time! And they can come back again and again to excel even more, strong enough to win tournaments!
The second purpose is to record checker knowledge - games, positions, shots, endings to be stored in this library.
The third purpose is to provide a creative environment for players to discuss and analyse, to teach and learn, to seek the truth.

The site starts with a General area containing News, Forums, Chat, Blog, Picture Gallery, Guestbook, etc.
Some pages are not available to guests, to encourage registration and participation.
Actively participating users genuinely interested in learning and discussions are then invited to Level 2 where the bulk of the site resides.

Monday, 2018-10-15, 5:08 AM
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