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VOG - Vinco Online Games - is the oldest and the best place on internet to play Pool checkers.
I remember it starting in about 1998 when an 18-year old Russian programmer wrote it the first time.
It was great for its time but we had to constantly download programs to our computers and the servers would go down time after time.
He then wrote a second version called Vog2 using internet tools - it is still being used, very stable and mature.
So, let's start - the first step is to register:
  • type vogclub.com in your browser, and in there
  • Click on the Sign In link (top right corner).
  • Click the Sign Up Now link (left side of the Sign In box).
  • Enter the nickname you like and the email address.
  • You might need to tinker with the nickname if it is already in use, for example if you selected John you might need to change it to John25.
  • Check your email - Vog will send you three emails, one of them containing your username and a new password.
  • Come back to the Sign In box and enter the new login and password.

After the registration you need to tidy a few things:

  • Click on the Account Info and in there on the Change Password replace the password with something you remember.
  • If need be click the Home button and in there click play now next to Checkers/Draughts in the Games section on the left.
  • Click POOL in the Play with people - this will start downloading of a few files necessary to run Vinco games.
Are we done? Not quite yet - there is a matter of very annoying system messages popping up, turn them all off by:
  • Find a tiny green circle with the word Vog on the very bottom of your screen (right corner) - it contains the controls to manage Vog.
  • Click on the Hammer icon (top right corner) and in there on the System Messages - turn them all off!!!

Now go back to the Pool room and enjoy!

The easiest way to make a diagram is to click "Make Diagrams" link on a bar overlapping Brazil on the World Globe. 
Follow the instructions in there, click the ? button to see a Tutorial.
If you have some checker program it too can produce diagrams, refer to its help.

Look at the top corner of the screen - you will see a link to make your own site - follow the instructions, and good luck!

Saturday, 2018-12-15, 9:02 AM
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