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8:49 AM
I noticed that the site's forum is not used. As forums are concerned, the Ucoz forum is good but not great. As an experiment I created another forum http://poolcheckers.forumotion.com/ based on the popular PhpBB technology, CheckersUSA was built on it, perhaps it will be more popular. One thing - as an independent program the new forum requires a separate registration.
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1 tgf  
There is a 48-hours turn-around response time on the internet - it is either a spontaneous immedeate response or no response at all.
For many years I tried to support every checkers initiative, for without support the initiative dissipates and the author withdraws.

Perhaps players should ask themselves where they stand, do they want this game to blossom and grow and wither and die.

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Tuesday, 2019-06-25, 0:38 AM
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