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7:35 PM
The site has moved
Be forewarned, what follows is a typical techy mambo-jumbo, pretending to know something :)

The Pool Checkers Library has moved - yet it stays at the same http://library.poolcheckers.com/  address - how could it be?
The secret is that http://library.poolcheckers.com/ does not actually exist - it is a pointer to another site.
The old site was at http://poolcheckers.ucoz.com and the new one is at http://poollibrary.ucoz com.
I simply switched the pointer to point from one site to another. Smart and easy, the users need to do nothing, same address as before!
Now to answer the question why?
There are thousands of sites built upon the Ucoz template, some sites of more questionable nature, thus some providers are cautious and try to protect the consumers by setting word filters. It is my believe that the word "checkers" in the name of the old site "poolcheckers" combined with the word "ucoz" triggered a "gambling site" filter. The new site name does not have the word "checkers" in it (poollibrary) and thus the site name passes the filter and the site can be seen throughout the world.

But what about the "http://library.poolcheckers.com" - it too contains the word "checkers" ?
Yes and no - recall that "http://library.poolcheckers.com" is just a pointer, an alias name for the actual site, providers are smarter and check the actual names.

Now another secret, to thank you for reading this far - both the old and the new libraries are mostly empty, the bulk of the data is located on yet another site - http://poolcheckers.com! But do not rush to visit the site, it has no user interface, very hard to do on your own, I use it to store complex pages like moving games, Pecan stories, but to show them I use a well-established Ucoz interface to re-point (once again) to pages on the actual site http://poolcheckers.com.

In the future I will definitely develop the http://poolcheckers.com to do things Ucoz can not do - but for now let's thank them for the opportunity to communicate with each other, share games, positions, ideas, stories, pictures with ease.
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It is now 8 months later. As I described the "Spectrum" sport club computer policy blocked this site based on the word "checkers" in the name and "ucoz.com" as site, suspecting it to be a gambling site. I did write to them asking to make an exception for poolcheckers.ucoz.com - they did not respond and I had to spend a lot of time and effort to make poollibrary.ucoz.com instead.

To cut to the chase - the situation is reversed now - this site is working and the new site is blocked!!! I just can't win!

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