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Main » 2011 » August » 14 » World Junior Championship starts in Tallinn, Estonia
1:05 PM
World Junior Championship starts in Tallinn, Estonia
Incidentally, the man sitting on the left is grandmaster Arkadiy Plakhin from Belorussia who played the 1960 match with Zinoviy Zirik.

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Thank's Jake. To see such youth participation and turnout is simple amazing; A beautiful sight to see. I checked out all the photos. "Awesome"...

As Janek Mäggi (President of the Estonian Draughts Federation), stated: “The best way to promote draughts is via youth work and holding international title tournaments in Estonia. This year, the European Championship for juniors, to be held in Tallinn in the month of August, provides an excellent opportunity,” explained Janek Mäggi. “In addition to title tournaments, we are planning to enhance draughts throughout the land, involving existing clubs and creating new ones, expanding the game’s regional reach in Estonia. Draughts is a mind sport, which, in my opinion, provides a wonderful way to guarantee a sound mind in a sound body.” http://www.powerhouse.ee/index.php?artsID=520

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