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1:02 PM
Zinoviy Zirik
Sad news from Kharkov, Ukraine - Zinoviy Zirik, the greatest checkers genius of all times, passed away today July 16, 2011 at the age of 87.
Six times Russian Champion, enthusiastic speaker and author of many books, teacher of many generations of Russian champions, he will always be remembered as the First Grandmaster.
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7 tgf  
I am perusing Zirik's book again - what a cove of treasures, this is the only book you need to study for the rest of your life!
I would be happy to convert and share these treasures but that requires active students, and the experience with my first Zirik lessons showed a deaf and mute crowd.

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6 tgf  
I am reading memories about Mr. Zirik by S. Berenshtein, he mentions position 486 on page 481 of the last Zirik's book "Checker is my life" - really fantastic.

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5 tgf  
Not sure I understood what you meant by that.

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4 tgf  
There is a heated discussion going on on the Russian site - was Mr. Zirik a 4 or 6 times Russian Champion?
What happened was that twice Mr. Zirik shared the first place with another player (B. Blinder in 1957 and A. Plakhin in 1960).
They played additional matches, both ending in a draw. Giants like this just do not lose games!
But instead of declaring both players the winners, the Soviet bureaucrats declared NO WINNERS at all, citing "refusal to fight", did they expect the world greatest players throw games?
Answer: There is an interesting detail - both years Mr. Zirik was a defending champion, which in any other sport would have meant he retained his title by not losing to the challenger.

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3 Hugo  
"Checkers - My Life", his words, his life. Honour to him who devoted so much time into learning, defining and teaching our great game.

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2 Youngblood  
Jake, I can only say thank you for sharing this mans work. Otherwise I would have never known the difference.

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1 Mwaaza Sakala  
Great people(the movers and the shakers of this world) are never forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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