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Registration helps us to know the size of the group, who is in it, what countries, etc.
And of course one needs to be registered to access restricted pages, advance to next levels, receive and send messages.
Registered users do not need to constantly write their names in communications. 

There are several levels of users, one needs to earn activity points to go to the next level.
Higher levels offer additional content. Activity is based on messages - questions, answers, articles, etc.

Pool Checkers Library is a part of a large Ucoz network.
In order to register on the site you need to register with the Ucoz network first.
This is actually a good thing - many checkers sites are built on Ucoz, once registered you could then access many sites. 

Unfortunately there is a problem with the too fuzzy CAPTCHA security code - Ucoz set it up at an extremely high level, and many people just give up trying to guess the number within. A couple of advices:
1. Keep clicking on the box to change the number within until you see a more readable number.
2. Use View/Zoom to increase image size to see the number even better.

Hope this helps.

Tuesday, 2018-09-18, 1:15 PM
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